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"Yes, boss."
―Argus' reply after following Prince Vekar's orders[src]

Argus is a robotic villain-general who serves as the the personal bodyguard to Prince Vekar working for the Armada, alongside Princess Levira and Damaras.

Character History

He was on the Armada space ship, when Vekar calls the Armada to start the invasion. After witnessing the Super Mega Rangers defeat Headridge and Tentacus, Argus tells someone to come up with something before Vekar finds out and becomes upset. Super Megaforce (episode)

In "Samurai Surprise", he finally fights the Mega Rangers in battle on Earth.

He finally comes face to face with Noah. However Noah deflects his Solar Slash and Argus is defeated All Hail Prince Vekar


  • unnamed sword
    • Solar Slash - by powering up his sword, he can unleash an energy hit upon his opponent.



Behind the Scenes

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