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"That's right children, come and nourish yourself so you can grow big and strong."
―Arachnor when her eggs are about to hatch.[src]

Arachnor is a spider demon that serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "Web War".

Character History

He was first seen in the Shadow World amongst a mass of defeated demons. Sorcerer of the Sands

Arachnor was later among the demons absorbed by Olympius. Olympius Unbound

Arachnor officially debuts when he captures people in webs to feed to her babies. The Rangers are held captive in a web, along with other civilian victims. The spider eggs hang in the center. Arachnor sneaks into the Lightspeed Aquabase and one by one captures the Lightspeed staff. Carter pumps up the power with the Trans Armor, destroys the spider eggs, frees the other Rangers and finally destroys the monster. Web War


Acachnor is a very aggressive monster that will do anything to feed his babies.

Powers and Abilities

  • Webbing: Being a spider-type demon, Arachnor can produce webbing.
  • Energy Laser Web: From her three-clawed right arm or mouth, Arachnor can fire a light blue energy laser that will turn into a sticky web on contact with her pray.
    • Teleportation: Any one caught in her web will be teleported by Arachnor.
  • Fireballs: Arachnor can shoot fireballs from her three-clawed right arm.
  • Scan: Arachnor can scan the Rangers' weapons.
  • Teleportation: Arachnor can teleport to any location she wants.
  • Wall Climbed: Being a spider-type monster, Arachnor can climb walls.
  • Spider Transformation: Arachnor can transform into a spider at will.


  • Claws: Archnor has clawed hands for combat.

Behind the Scenes


Arachnor is voiced by Catherine Battistone, who is infamous for being the first voice for Alpha 6 in Power Rangers Turbo.


  • Like Smogger and Moleman, Arachnor does not get revive into a giant and engaged in a Megazord battle unlike his Japanese counterpart.
  • Arachnor is the first and only monster to be fought by the Trans Armor.
  • Arachnor is the third and final monster to be based on an insect, the first being Thunderclaw, and the second being Mantevel.
  • In the episode of Power Rangers SPD "Idol," Arachnor's head and arms were recycled for an S.P.D. cadet that is present when Anubis Cruger returns to Delta Base.

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