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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.
"I am at your service, Diabolico."
―Aquafiend after being summon.[src]
"You can't keep a good monster down."
―Aquafiend after being enlarge by Vipra.[src]

Aquafiend is a water-themed demon that serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "Neptune's Daughter".

Character History

This water beast lives deep in the lagoon, and was summon by Diabolico to steal Neptune's trident, a great source of power and use it to drain Mariner Bay's water supply for the demons to attack the Aquabase, he successful manages to sneak pass Neptune and took the trident, he then went to a magic pond and when he got to the bottom, he used the trident to drain all of the water, the Blue Ranger, along with the Red, Yellow, Green and Pink Rangers had manage to find the pond, and the Blue Ranger dive into the pond, he found the trident, but it was a trap for Aquafiend to ambush him, he was outmatch, but with enough strength he manages to out match the monster and take back the trident, he throw it to the Red Ranger. Angered, Aquafiend jump out of the water and attack the Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink Rangers and demanded for them to return the trident, before he could make the finishing strike, the Red Ranger blasted the monster with the Rescue Blaster, he summons the Batlings to battle the Rangers, but they were all easily defeated, he took on the Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink Rangers again and had the upper hand until the Red Ranger swung by, grab the monster and made him hit head first into a tree, with the monster weaken, the Rangers fired the Rescue Blasters at the same time to destroy Aquafiend. Vipra appear and used a card to enlarge the Monster (to force Chad to make the decision to ether give the trident to her, or Vipra will harm Marina), the trident was enlarge and the monster gain control of it, the Blue Ranger summon the Mega Battle and used the Water Cannon to scare of Vipra and the Batlings to free Marina, while the Blue Ranger goes back to the Aquabase to aid Marina back to health, the Red, Yellow, Green and Pink Rangers stay behind to take on Aquafiend, the Rangers summon the Omega Megazord to battle Aquafiend, the monster had the upper hand at first, but the Rangers increases the Megazords power to land a massive head but on the monster and toss him over, the monster was greatly weakened, and with the combine powers of the Omega Megazord's Omega Missile and the Omega Slash attack, Aquafiend was destroyed for good, and the trident is returned to Neptune.


Aquafiend was the demon that took great plusher in destroying the Lightspeed Power Rangers and draining water, despite all this, he is shown loyalty to Diabolico and he does take his mission seriously.

Powers and Abilities

  • Water Adaption: True to his name, unlike most demons, Aquafiend can traverse though water.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Aquafiend can leap at an incredible.
  • Batling Summoning: Aquafiend can summon an army of Batlings to aid him in battle.
  • Lighting Breath: Aquafiend can fire lighting beams from his bird beck-like mouth, if he fires them under water, they are colored blue, if fires them on land, they are colored green.


  • Neptune's Trident: With the trident that he had stole from Neptune, he can use it for melee combat.
    • Water Drainage: Aquafiend can also use the tridents power to drain the water.

Behind the Scenes



  • Aquafiend is the only demon that can traverse in the water.

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