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Airjigoku Nezire (アリジゴクネジレ ArijigokuNejire) (22): This Nezire could create special pocket dimensions that could transport people between different locations.

Character History

Ant Lion Nezire was used to create pocket dimensions to throw the world into chaos using a staff powered by a special crystal to do it. Due to Miku and Shun taking the crystal, he chases them in a cat-and-mouse game to get it back unaware they are Megarangers (since they cannot transform due to the pocket dimensions interfering with their ability to receive transmissions from INET to their Digitizers). Despite getting the crystal back, once the two get back to the other Megarangers, they have them destroy the staff which restores the two's ability to transform. As a giant, he could make holes in the ground that would trap victims who fell into them. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega.


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Modus and Arsenal

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  • Antlion Nezire was designed by character designer Akira Nozaki.

Behind the Scenes

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