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Angel grove youth center

Youth Center

The Angel Grove Youth Center was the primary hang-out spot of the Power Rangers from Mighty Morphin' through to Turbo. Originally owned by Ernie, it was transferred to Lt. Stone when Ernie left for South America.

During the earlier seasons, the Power Rangers spent most of their time in the "Gym and Juice Bar", mainly because the establishment had a lot of activities that the teenagers enjoyed doing.

Throughout the series, the Youth Center held many special events, such as karate classes and karate competition events, as well as birthday parties, costume parties, food drives, dance competitions, and special holiday events. All of which the Rangers attended, due to their desire to help others.


During the first three Mighty Morphin seasons, the Youth Center primarily had a large area for working out; as the Rangers tended to practice their material arts here, there were usually mats on the floor to cushion falls. Also, there was a rope for climbing (which was accidentally pulled off when Bulk attempted to climb) and a punching bag, the Red and Green rangers usually used. Exercise machines lined the wall right of the Juice Bar, which also held arcade games in a small box-like area. The right side held the entrances, either to the exit hall, storage room, or locker rooms. Whenever their communicators beeped, the Rangers would always go to the hall for the locker rooms to hide from the public.

In Zeo, the Youth Center has a slight alteration, The exercise machines vanish without explanation, and the walls near the primary exit are now bricked instead of a solid yellow. At the time, there was an outside cafe; it was used more by the Rangers.

During Turbo, the exercise use for the Youth Center was completely dropped. Adam's theater group usually performed during this time.


During Master Vile's "End of the World" party, the Youth Center was the gathering spot of dozens of monsters.

In Power Rangers in Space, the Youth Center was mysteriously replaced by Adelle's Surf Spot.

In Power Rangers: Wild Force, Bulk owns a juice bar. It is unknown if this was the same Juice Bar previously owned by Ernie and Lt. Stone.

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