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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers RPM.

And... Action! is the twenty-third episode of Power Rangers RPM.


For the first time ever, join Ziggy as he takes you behind the scenes of Power Rangers. See how explosions and stunts are really done, as well as the funny moments that don’t make it into the episode but keep the Power Rangers set a lively place to work as a Ranger.

Unlike previous behind-the-scenes features, this is a proper episode, and the Rangers and others stay completely in character. Everyone refers to each other by their character names. Ziggy can still teleport (once he has his morpher) Flynn still has his Scottish accent. Tenaya still sounds mechanical. Doctor K is still a child genius who does not go outside.

At the end, when they watch a playback of the show proper, each of them is credited as their character as him- or herself. And then they have suddenly have a real battle to have to go back to. They are ultimately the Power Rangers RPM, making a TV show about the Power Rangers RPM.




  • This is the first and only time the rangers break the fourth wall and talk to the audience, It's also the only episode that takes you behind the scenes. Previous behind the scenes specials have aired for Power Rangers The Movie and Operation Overdrive, as well as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Official Fan Club video.
  • Kilobyte is not seen in this episode along with Venjix, General Shifter And General Crunch
  • This episode shows bloopers which haven't been shown since the Power Rangers In Space endings. This fact gave the episode very good reception by fans.

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