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This article is about a/an monster in Kousoku Sentai Turboranger.

Amulet Bōma (オマモリボーマ Omamori Bōma) is the guardian protecting Wandering Boma Kirika for the 20,000 years of her life until the day she was ready to fight for herself.

Character History

20,000 years prior to the series, Amulet Boma was placed in trust of the baby Wandering Boma Kirika alongside two Skull Monsters, who acted as her parents in order to protect her. When the parents knew that the Boma's return was near, they settled into human society with Amulet Boma within their "daughter", as it protected Kirika (as human "child" Sayoko Tsukikage) from any calamity to befall her until her 18th "human" birthday where she would finally awaken her true power. On that day, she emerged as the Skull parents attacked Riki in order to make sure that Kirika completed her destiny. The Turboranger defeated her with Riki striking her down with GT Crash and then destroying her with the V-Turbo Bazooka; when hte Skull monsters revived it, the Turboranger destroy it with Turbo Rugger, which ultimately made Sayoko accept her destiny as Kirika through the loss of her family and guardians.

Amulet Boma later appears to Kirika in a vision to help her gain the power needed to control Armor Bōma in order to become a "true Boma".


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Her main combat power is the firing of beams for attack; but her main ability is as a protective charm, allowing for Sayoko Tsukikage to live until she was ready to become a true Wandering Boma.

Behind the Scenes



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