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Amoebarugin (アメーバルギン Amēbarugin) is the amoeba-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Amoebarugin is sent to deal with Ken Hoshikawa as he trains three boys who bring him in to help them train in how to master the vaulting horse jump. When FiveBlue and the other Fiveman try to attack it, it continues to revive due to its special ability to revive from anything. However, during one of the revivals, the trio of boys training with Ken end up witnessing the means of revival and bolt to tell their teacher about it, finally mastering the means to vault in the process by leaping over a group of Batzlers. When Ken finds out, he decides to defeat the monster as himself instead of FiveBlue in order to prove to the boys that they could do anything they could put their mind to without revealing who he is or the advantages he has. Throwing a powerful punch at the weakpoint, the untransformed Ken destroys the weakpoint, making Amoebarugin collapse without repair. After Doldora summons Gorlin #17 to take in the genetic material to make it giant, Fiveman use Star Five against it, destroying it with the Star Hang Beam and Star Gun.


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  • Its main ability is the usage of seaweed-like tendrils to attack and wrap its opponents; but its key ability is an unstoppable immortality that allows for it to continue to revive over and over as long as no one attacks its weak point in the middle of its chest.

Behind the Scenes


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