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Museum exterior

The Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum, colloquially referred to as the Dino Museum, is a museum dedicated to history, paleontology and related finds. It is located in Amber Beach and managed by Kendall Morgan.

After preventing Sledge's asteroids from falling on the Earth 10 million years in the past, the dinosaurs were prevented from going extinct. Thus in the new present day, the museum was converted into a zoo for dinosaurs. As a result, the Rangers' jobs changed; although they would have no memory of what they were when they arrived in this altered present day.

Dino Bite Cafe


In addition to exhibits, the museum has an indoor restaurant, the Dino Bite Cafe. It serves as a cafeteria for museum personnel and a theme restaurant for museum patrons.

Dino Lab


Kendall in the Dino Lab.

In the loading bay is a secret passage which leads to an underground lab, where Keeper and Kendall harness the Energems' power, develop new equipment, and track unusual disturbances in the area. The lab is fully stocked and functional, possessing high-end equipment such as a holographic display. Also, Koda lives here, and possibly Ivan as well.

The Dino Lab was finally discovered by Snide and heavily damaged during his battle against Keeper and Kendall.

Known Employees

Former Employees

  • Heckyl - Former Dino Bite Cafe waiter


  • The exterior scenes of the museum are filmed at Auckland Botanical Gardens.
  • One of the menu items is the Bronto Burger. This is named after Brontosaurus, which at the time of filming was actually a discredited genus (which is why there's never been a Brontosaurus zord). However, in April 2015 it was revealed that specimens had been compared and after 112 years, Brontosaurus is no longer considered to be the same as Apatosaurus.
  • Some of the interface buttons on the consoles resemble LCARS displays from the Sci-Fi franchise, Star Trek.
  • Thanks to the Rangers' actions after travelling to the past, the timeline was altered so that the dinosaurs never went extinct. As a result, the museum became a dinosaur zoo. End of Extinction

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