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For the original TV version of this character, see Alpha 5.
This article is about a/an character in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, existing in a different continuity than the TV series.
Alpha 5
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Mentor
Season: Power Rangers The Movie
Homeworld: Earth (assumedly)
First Appearance: n/a
Last Appearance: n/a
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: Peta-Maree Rixon (body)
Richard Steven Horvitz (voice)

Alpha 5 helped Zordon seek out six extraordinary teens to become the superhuman fighting force, the Power Rangers. Together with Zordon, he coordinates the Rangers' efforts at the Command Center as they battle all sorts of evil threatening the Earth.

Character History


Alpha and the Rangers

When the evil being Ivan Ooze infiltrated the Command Center, Alpha 5 attempted to fight him off but only got shorted, finding himself spinning out of control. Upon the Rangers' return, he was found slightly damaged and weakened, but functional. He suggested that they go to Phaedos to retrieve a new power, much to Zordon's protests. He uses much of the last of the energy of the Command Center to send them on their way. Alpha then appeared a few times with Zordon, where he told him to save his strength and that he needs to rest. Later, upon their return, Alpha proclaimed that they were too late, but when the Rangers pooled their new power, Alpha regained his shininess and his life energy.


Like his prime universe counterpart, Alpha is very childlike, innocent and endearing. He is also panicky, exclaiming 'ai yi yi!' in situations of extreme panic.


  • In an original draft of the script, Alpha's attempt to fight Ivan off was more intense, with actual kicks and punches. [Citation needed]

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