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This article is about a/an character in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Alpha 4 was the first Alpha automaton brought to life by King Lexian of the Planet Edenoi, recruited by Zordon to assist him in his war against evil. Alpha 4 discovered the map to the Temple of Power and along with Zordon searched and found the Power Coins, also helping to build the Command Center as Zordon's post on Earth. When he became obsolete, he was replaced by Alpha 5, who shared the previous Alpha's memories and emotions.

Alpha 4

Alpha 4

After being deactivated, Alpha 4's body is placed in a box and put in the Command Center's basement. When Goldar and Rito infiltrate the basement to place Lord Zedd's detonation device, they place one of the detonators on Alpha 4's body. Subsequently, Alpha 4 is destroyed when the detonator goes off. Hogday Afternoon

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