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All About Beevil is the twenty-second episode of Power Rangers: Ninja Storm.


Marah earns Dustin's trust and uses him in her plot to have her friend Beevil destroy the Rangers.


Dustin gives his bike to a stranger who offers to upgrade his bike with an experimental part and gives him the address to his shop. Dustin goes to the address only to discover it's a construction site. Up in the space fortress, Marah brings in her friend Beevil, who upstages her at being evil, making Marah feel useless. When Beevil attacks a power plant, the Thunder Rangers strike. Feeling dejected, Marah goes to Earth, and offers to show Dustin how to defeat Beevil. When the others arrive at the plant, Beevil retreats. Marah meets Dustin, and she gives him a device to power up at Ninja Ops which will destroy Beevil. At Ninja Ops, Dustin convinces the others to trust his instincts about Marah. He powers up the device. The others leave to continue fighting Beevil, who unleashes the Kelzack Furies on them. Marah saves the Rangers, and battles Beevil. As she is about to be beaten, Dustin arrives with the device. Instead of using the device to destroy Beevil, Marah uses it to power her up, betraying Dustin. Cyber Cam powers up the Ninja Swords to gold, and the Rangers destroy Beevil and the Kelzacks. A Scroll of Empowerment later, and Beevil is turned into a giant. Dustin destroys Beevil with the Storm Megazord and the Star Blazer Power Sphere. At Storm Chargers, the stranger brings back Dustin's bike. Turns out he was legit after all and that his printer had been malfunctioning and had accidentally printed out the wrong address.



  • Although Beevil only appears in this episode and Storm Before the Calm Part II, Marah's Zord would heavily resemble the creature in Down and Dirty.
  • Blake references Choobo's deception of him and Hunter from Return of Thunder Part I when he warns Dustin about Marah, saying "Did you miss the whole Choobo thing?"
  • Marah's version of her as a Pink Ranger is a recolored version of the Blue Wind Ranger.
  • Marah shows regret for cheating Dustin and appears to actually have feelings for him, and she would bring it up in Storm Before the Calm Part II.
  • Debut of both the Kelzack Furies and the Wind Rangers using their Ninja Swords in Gold Mode.

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