This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .

Alarmed and Dangerous is the twelfth episode of Power Rangers Turbo.


A couple of school bullies harass Justin, who escapes them by teleporting away; Kat and Dimitria reprove him for it when they hear about it. A living fire engine terrorizes Angel Grove, and the Rangers must defeat it.


Justin catches a boy named Reggie pulling the fire alarm at school, and informs the teachers. Reggie swears to get back at him. Divatox, in the meantime decides to set off false alarms around Angel Grove to distract the Rangers, so they can be worn out when she decides to send a monster in the finish them off.

Once school is over, Justin heads home. However, he is caught in the park by Reggie and his friends. Not wanting to hurt them, Justin flees and hides in a tree. However, a branch begins breaking and threatening to drop Justin. He teleports at the last moment, ending up in the Command Center, Kat and Dimitria scold him for using his powers; though it's a bit unfair as that kind of fall could have seriously injured him.

To be continued...



  • When the Rangers use the Auto Blasters' extended modes in Sentai footage, it has reverted to the shortened mode in the American footage.


  • Final appearance of Ms. Appleby, though she's mentioned one last time in "The Fall of the Phantom" and is still teaching at that point, either at Angel Grove High or a different school. However, she does not appear in Power Rangers in Space or Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, leaving her fate left unanswered. Mr. Caplan, her boss and the principal of Angel Grove High, would make his final appearance himself in "Carlos and the Count" several episodes later and also is never seen or mentioned again. Both were written out of the show with no onscreen explanation or by Royce Herron herself.
  • Reggie, the main bully of this episode, would appear again in one of the Turbo D.A.R.E. PSA's, trying to sell drugs to kids at school.
  • Muranthis Island is mentioned again in this episode.
  • The original script title for this episode was "Cause for Alarm". [1]

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