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The Afterlife is the place deceased characters in the Super Sentai series go upon dying. It has been shown in various forms, including being a place that the dead visited when they were alive, or allowing the dead to contact the living.


Ep. 18: The Big Abare with the Dinosaur Robot Drill

In the 18th episode of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Gai is greatly wounded after being hit by a car saving a young girl. While in a coma, he is visited in the Afterlife by Burai, Naoto Takizawa, and Mikoto Nakadai, who gift him his Gokai Silver powers.

Ep. 28: Wings are Eternal

In the 28th episode, the Afterlife is portrayed as a bar similar to one that Gai Yuki used to visit before his death. In it, he is seen drinking and playing a card game against a goddess, who allows him to visit Earth as a reward for winning. Upon the completion of mission on Earth, Gai returned to the Afterlife, playing cards with the goddess again.