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The Abyss of Evil is a location in Ninja Storm.
Abyss of Evil


The Abyss of Evil is a vortex somewhere in Blue Bay Harbor where Lothor and his generals were banished after their destruction. It is possibly the place where all evils end up, basically the Power Rangers Universe's equivalent to Hell. However, other 'monster afterlives' were shown in other series, so its unknown if it's the only such underworld.

Lothor overloaded the Abyss after betraying all of his generals and sending them to the abyss and allowed evil to sweep across the city. This called the generals and monsters that ended up there to emerge. The Ninja Academy students arrived and helped to fight Lothor's forces. The Ninja Storm Rangers managed to seal them back into the abyss, as well as Lothor himself. However, Lothor eventually managed to break free and team up with Mesogog in an attempt to get revenge. It was last seen when the Ninja Storm Ranger powers were retrieved from it.

At an unknown point, a stone from the Abyss charged with its dark energy was taken from it and became known as The Evil. As it was sought by evil powers, an alien being named Baskin became its dedicated protector. In the year 2025, the Evil activated and was sought by Drakel, a Vampiranoid criminal. Fortunately, despite temporarily claiming control of the Evil, he was defeated by the B-Squad SPD Rangers.

The Shadow World was a realm that was previously thought to be the afterlife of evil in the Power Rangers continuity. The haunted forest in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode "Zedd's Monster Mash" is said to be the resting place of the past monsters. Also, in Power Rangers Wild Force, the Spirit World serves as the afterlife for deceased Orgs. The Nighlok Heaven in Power Rangers Samurai also serves as a death realm for the defeated Nighloks. It is unknown if the Abyss of Evil, the Shadow World, and the Nighlok Heaven are one in the same or separate places. Either way, they each serve as different death realms for the destroyed monsters.

Monsters in Abyss of Evil

In Storm Before the Calm, the generals and monsters that served Lothor were shown to be living inside the Abyss of Evil when Lothor opened it up. Among those seen in the Abyss of Evil are:

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