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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

A Taste of Poison is the fourth episode of Power Rangers: Jungle Fury.


Dai Shi and Camille send the Five Fingers of Poison to destroy the Power Rangers.


Camille presents the Five Fingers of Poison, an elite squad of warriors. Each warrior possesses its style of venom. Dai Shi is pleased with their presence and orders them to spread fear to increase his powers. At the Pizza Parlor, Casey and Lily talk about Casey's recent development. Lily recites RJ's love for bananas. Casey purposely throws some flour on Lily, who reciprocates by sharing the toppings. The two teens start their personal food fight in the kitchen. Theo stops the fight and the teens are called into action. Fran is left to clean the mess. The Poisons begin their attack. The teens morph into action and meet the new villains. The Poisons transform into their powered up forms and engage the Rangers in battle. After a fierce battle, the Poisons defeat the Rangers. The teens escape the city and take a short break in the fields, where the Poisons catch up to them. Dai Shi joins the fight and prepares for battle. The teens are shocked to see Jarrod alongside their enemies. Dai Shi responds that Jarrod is no more. He transforms into his Black Lion armor and challenges Casey to battle. Casey morphs into the Red Ranger. The two warriors face off into a battle of the beasts. Dai Shi rapidly defeats Red Ranger. One of the Poisons infects Casey with poison. The teens regroup back at the parlor. Lily takes care of Casey, who doesn't mind the extra attention. RJ tells Casey that he has a new weapon for Casey. Lily has a nightmare about Casey's battle against Dai Shi. Rantipede decides to challenge the Red Ranger into battle. Lily wakes up to see the Poison on the monitor. She heads into Battle to protect Casey. Yellow Ranger faces off against Rantipede in battle of fast attacks. The Rangers join the fight and Rantipede summons the Rinshi. Red Ranger calls forth the Strike Rider Cycle. With his new weapon, Red Ranger defeats the Rinshi. Dai Shi orders Camille to defeat the Red Ranger. Camille joins the fight and insults the Red Ranger's new weapon. Red Ranger powers up the cycle and defeats Camille. Rantipede grows and the Rangers call the Jungle Pride Megazord. After a quick battle, the Megazord defeats Rantipede. Camille worries about Dai Shi's response to her failure. Lily cleans up the mess in the kitchen. Casey thinks Lily has a crush on him, but learns that she considers him as a little brother. The two teens engage in another food fight. Theo monitors the event.



  • The poison in Casey's body doesn't make any effect.

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