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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Wild Force.

A Father's Footsteps is the twenty-first episode of Power Rangers Wild Force. The episode explores the past of Alyssa prior to her joining the Wild Force Rangers.


Alyssa's father is in town, and calls Alyssa for lunch. Samurai Org stirs up trouble, and Alyssa must recall her father's training to defeat him.


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  • Phillip Andrew (Merrick) does not appear in this episode due to the fact that the Gaoranger episode was based off that took place before the debut of Merrick's counterpart, Tsukumaro Ogami and Zen-Aku's counterpart, Rouki.
  • Final appearance of the Kongazord in its standard configuration.
  • The training outfits Alyssa, Max, and Danny are seen wearing in this episode, are later seen in "Forever Red".
  • The award that Alyssa receives in this episode is the Kaplan Award, either named after the Mr. Caplan character in Mighty Morphin (who made his first appearance in Teamwork and his last appearance in Carlos And The Count) or perhaps Neil Kaplan, Power Rangers voice actor.

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