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This article is about a/an episode in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

A Chimp in Charge is the one hundred and fortieth episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The 18th Zeo Serial Short aired before a later airing of the episode.


Katherine and Aisha help teach a monkey, Kelly, to communicate with sign language for a school assignment. However, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd turn the monkey into the Sinister Simian monster to lure the Power Rangers out to fight it. Now, the Rangers have to find a way to defeat the monkey monster without harming it and return the monkey back to normal.


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  • Final appearance of the White, Pink, Yellow, and Blue Ninja Rangers, as well as the last use of the Ninja Ranger forms.
  • Last appearance of Ms. Appleby in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. She makes her first and only Power Rangers Zeo appearance in "A Brief Mystery of Time". Though, archive footage of her is used in "There's No Business Like Snow Business", Part 1.
  • Apart from the "powering up" shots, the Zord fight is entirely American-produced footage. In Kakuranger, the monster was defeated by the Battle Borgs.
  • Finster references King Kong.
  • Ironically, Bulk and Skull would later come to understand a whole lot more about chimpanzees when they are transformed into some during the first half of Power Rangers Turbo.
  • Katherine takes a hit from one of Rita and Zedd's monsters as did previous Rangers and onward so.


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