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A Brush with Destiny is the eighth episode of Season 3 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Whilst Kimberly has fears about moving to Paris, Zedd and Rita create the Artistmole to drain the Ranger Powers.


Kimberly has been having nightmares about moving to Paris. Meanwhile, Finster creates a device that lets Rita and Zedd see the dreams of others, including Kimberly's nightmare, Zedd creates a plan by making Artistmole, the monster in Kimberly's nightmare, real to destroy the Earth as well as the Rangers. The Rangers ask help from Ninjor, but are drained of their colors and powers. Kimberly has to face her fears in order to destroy the Artistmole and save her friends. When Kimberly realizes that her fear isnt the monster but the massive change that her life is about to experience, she gets the confidence to destroy Artistmole. In the aftermath, Kimberly talks to her Mum about everything, but is approached by Aisha and her parents, who offer Kimberly a chance to remain in Angel Grove with them till the school year ends.




  • Rito somehow smacked off Kimberly's communicator despite her being in Ninja Ranger mode at the time.
  • Zordon told Kimberly that destroying Artistmole's palette would return the colors and power to the other Rangers and Ninjor, however all Kim did was shoot Artistmole in the chest with her Blade Blaster at which point he retreated and the colors returned.


  • This episode foreshadows Kimberly leaving Angel Grove later in the season, Amy Jo Johnson having already announced her intention to depart from the show at this point.
  • This episode marks the only appearance of Aisha's parents.
  • The boyfriend of Kimberly's mother in this episode is not the same one as seen in "Return of an Old Friend", suggesting that she broke up with that man sometime between that episode and this one.
  • A scene cut from this episode involved Kimberly having a heart-to-heart with her Uncle Steve from "Foul Play in the Sky". [1]

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