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This article is about a/an song in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.

  • Lyricist = Kuwahara Nagae
  • Composer = Haneda Kentarou
  • Arranger = Yamamoto Kenji
  • Singer = Kushida Akira

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Tomo yo! Ore no dekkai aibou
Tomo yo! Issho ni asu e hashirou

Umareta hoshi wa chigatte ite mo
Onaji gattsu ga nagarete 'ru

Mucha na jibun wo saraseru muki ni natte butsukeaeru

Mabuta ga atsuku natchimau daro
Mou yose yo Mou nanni mo hanasu na yo

Tomo yo! Daichi wo yurasu aibou
Tomo yo! Hatenai yami wo kudakou
abare-spirit, we feel it forever

Darashinai zo to tooi sakebi ni
Mite iyagare to furuitatsu

Nikumareguchi no uragawa atarimae ni shinjite 'ru

Omae ga inakya moenai n' da yo
Saa Iku ze Saa Ikki ni kimeyou ze

Tomo yo! Ore no muteki no aibou
Tomo yo! Jaaku no sono wo kowasou
abare-spirit, we feel it forever

Tomo yo! Sadame wo waketa aibou
Tomo yo! Issho ni asu e hashirou
abare-spirit, we feel it forever
abare-spirit, we feel it forever

Friends! With my large group of partners
Friends! All of us run towards the tomorrow

Even though I was born underneath a different star
All of us have the same courage flowing through each of us

Though I may be clumsy at times, I will face any conflicts that come my way

Even though you don't say a word
I can feel my eyelids getting hot

Friends! Alongside my partners we will make the earth shake
Friends! We will put an end to their darkness
Abare-spirit, we feel it forever

I may be careless in my hatred and I let out a shout
That can be heard far away, afterward I am cheerful again

It is natural to believe that there is another side to their abusive language

It is time now for me to decide
For I am all fired up

Friends! With my invincible partners
Friends! We will destroy their evil
abare-spirit, we feel it forever

Friends! Destiny has pushed us all together
Friends! Together we run towards the tomorrow
abare-spirit, we feel it forever
abare-spirit, we feel it forever

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