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Character History

Bowzock's best shaman. Could turn himself, others, and objects invisible. He was summoned to capture people on Earth so they could be used as sacrifices. The Bowzock wanted to feed these sacrifices to the "Evil God of Space" in order to bring them good luck (a story Instructor Ritchihiker made up to explain his lack of success getting rid of Carrangers). They believed this would stop their bad luck and give them an edge against the Carrangers. The girls invented the Carnavic, in order to track him down when he took the guys as sacrifices and became invisible. Wields a staff, which had the power to grant him his infamous invisibility.


Being a shaman AA is very spirital. how every hes also kinda stupid easily buying Instructor Ritchihiker lame story about a space demon haunting the bowzocks. his belives are how ever very dark being a practitioners of human sacrifices. he use his invisibilety at almost all times. only ever turning visible when directly talking to other and even then not always.

Modus and Arsenal

  • AA gets called in when Instructor Ritchihiker makes up a lame story about a space demon haunting the bowzocks to justify his failure to defeat the carrangers. he sout to sacrifices the ranger to the to the "Evil God of Space" in order appeasement the demon to bring them good luck. his main powers where a sort of astral projection witch he used to make the rangers crash be for fighting them with invisibility granted by his special staff.



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Behind the Scenes

  • His motifs are the ones of a Shaman and an Orangutan

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