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50 Below is a snow yeti-like creature and is one of the four Barbarian Beasts that were freed by Imperious. He is also the leader and the most powerful of the Barbarian Beasts.

Character History

50 Below was one of the four Barbarian Beast that did not fight with honor, and were sealed away in the Oblivion. However, Imperious set them all free, and commanded them to do his bidding. 50 Below & Fightoe were first sent to attack Koragg in the forest. With the two of them fighting the single Knight Wolf, they were successful in defeating and wounding him. They then drew the Rangers out at the pier. The Rangers tried attacking 50 Below, but with the power of his orb on his chest, he was able to reflect the Ranger's attacks right back at them. With the teens weak and wanting to take the easy way out, they begged Solaris Knight to use Jenji. Against his better judgment, Solaris agreed and fired Jenji Shinning Attack. However, 50 Below attacked Jenji before the Shinning Attack hit, and Fightoe then managed to capture the cat genie. With having completed their mission, the two remaining Barbarian Beasts escaped. They turned Jenji over to Imperious. With the powerful genie forced to grant Imperious one wish, the Dark Wish was set into place. After the Rangers showed courage and bravery in the face of insurmountable odds, the Tribunal of Magic reversed the Dark Wish. 50 Below and Fightoe then lured the Rangers out at the Industrial Plaza. While Fightoe fought the Rangers, 50 Below battled Solaris Knight. These two beasts continued to be more than a match for the Mystic Force. Solaris was soon taken out of the battle. But in a surprise, Koragg showed up and began fighting the beast. As a reward for learning to take responsibility for their actions, the Tribunal of Magic then granted the Rangers the power of the Mystic Force Legend Warriors. With this new power and the Mystic Lion Staff weapons, the Rangers were able to take on Fightoe and 50 Below. Each Ranger used Code 1, the Elemental Attack, on their Mystic Lion Staffs. Fightoe was greatly weakened and fled, leaving 50 Below alone. The beast's Chest Orb was cracked, but he still attempted one last strike. He was about to attack the Rangers with his Ultimate Ice, but the team used the Legend Warriors United Formation, and blasted 50 Below into his own ice and destroyed him. As his remains snowed, Koragg caught a remaining piece of his armor, with Koragg commenting that those who live without honor will fall without honor, tossing the piece aside and walking away.


50 Below was the monster that likes to mock his enemy's about his strength.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: Being the leader of the four Barbarian Beast, 50 Below is the strongest in terms of strength.
  • Forehead Ice Blizzard: 50 Below can fire an ice blizzard from his forehead.
  • Forehead Energy Ball: 50 Below can also fire blue colored energy balls from his forehead.
  • Charge Attack: 50 Below can charge at full force at the enemy.
  • Chest Orb: 50 Below has a Chest Orb that acts like a shield, it can be use to block attack's.
    • Reflections: 50 Below can also use his Chest Orb to reflect an energy-based attacks from his enemys.
    • Lighting Effect: The Chest Orb also has a lighting effect for an increase in defense.
  • Ultimate Ice: 50 Below can summon a large ice mass, what can it do is unknown.


  • Ice Hockey Stick: 50 Below has an ice hockey stick for combat.
    • Ice Blast: 50 Below can also us his ice hockey stick to launch an ice block at his enemy's.

Behind the Scenes


  • 50 Below is voiced by Paul Minifie.


  • 50 Below's appearance is based off of a Snow Yeti, a mythological creature that is a humanoid Gorilla or and an Ape-like beast that lives in the snowy mountains.
  • 50 Below is the only one of the four Barbarian Beast that does not grow.

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