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This article is about a/an monster in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.

"Back To" Ninja Octonyuudou (バックトゥ忍者オクト入道 Baakutonin Okutonyuudō?, 14, 25): In a vain attempt for a second chance, Chuuzubo summons his cousin to help him, with Octonyuudo intent to make Earth the 88th planet he destroyed. Using his talent, "Space Ninpou: Back to the Child", he sprays octopus ink in people's faces to turn them into 5-year olds with the residual age turned into candy. Yousuke was among the victims, until he was restored to his age by eating the candy where his true age was being held. Though defeated by the Triple Gadget, Octonyuudo was revived by Chuuzubo, only to be destroyed by Senpuujins Squid Attacker, with the Gouraigers watching nearby. Octonyuudo was upon those resurrected by Vampian, attacking a Okinawan beach and fighting Kuwaga Raiger until Vamp was killed.


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